Unprofessional behaviour

The decision of the Longding police to arrest a father for the alleged crime of his son is highly condemnable. Pongbo Boham, a government driver, was detained by the Longding police for more than 24 hours after the police failed to arrest his son, who is accused of drug trafficking. He was asked by the police to find his son. The unprofessional behaviour of the Longding police is quite shocking. How can they detain a father for the alleged crime committed by the son? The police can appeal to the parents to cooperate with them in order to locate the son, but they have absolutely no right to detain the father.
Not only have they violated the human rights of Pongbo Boham, they have caused immense mental trauma to the innocent father. Further, they humiliated him and have hurt his image. The state police chief should take strong action against the officials of the Longding police for the crime. This is not the way to treat any person in a democratic society. The Longding police have not only shamed themselves but have hurt the image of the state police as a whole. Despite all its flaws, the Arunachal Pradesh Police has always been known for being people-friendly and working as per the law. Also, such an incident will cause rifts in the relation between the police and civilians. Before it is too late, the state police should crack down on rogues within the force to restore its sanctity and win back the trust of the people.