The capital deserves better roads

During a recent meeting held to work out modalities for construction of CC roads in various sectors of the capital region under the smart city project, and schemes of various works departments, it was decided that all the executing departments will submit the names of the projects along with the locations to ADM Talo Potom, so that eviction can be carried out if needed. This is an important decision and, if truly implemented, can change the face of the capital region. Today the majority of the roads, especially the sector and colony roads, have been heavily encroached on. The land sharks have not spared even important arterial roads.

Under the smart city project huge amounts of funds will be given for construction of CC roads in various parts of the capital. Further, the state government is separately funding for construction of CC roads. These funds should be judiciously used. The road should be widened before starting the actual construction work. There should not be any compromise with the width or the quality of the road. Recently, local MLA Techi Kaso had expressed concern over the poor quality of a drainage work in Itanagar being executed under the smart city project by the IMC. This kind of episode should not be repeated. The IMC and various works departments executing these road projects should be sincere and dedicated. They should not compromise with quality at any cost. The capital city deserves much better roads.