APWB urged to release fund

ITANAGAR, Jun 25: The All Puroik Students’ Union (APSU) has requested the Autonomous Puroik Welfare Board (APWB) to release the state government-allocated funds to around 120 Puroik beneficiaries at the earliest to help them run their small businesses under the livelihood generation activities of the board.
In a representation to the APWB chairperson here, the APSU on Thursday claimed that, despite the state government having allocated Rs 5 crore for the APWB for the 2019-20 financial year, the board is yet to release the fund to the eligible Puroik beneficiaries.
“Such delay in releasing funds shows the inefficiency of the APWB. The financial year 2019-2020 has already ended and if the board is taking so much time only on one agenda, ie, livelihood generation activities, then how will it be able to tackle other welfare issues of the Puroik community?
“Such delay from the board is discouraging for the entire Puroik community,” the union said.