GeoEnpro says unable to revoke layoff, citing financial instability

[ Tom Simai ]
KHARSANG, Jun 29: In response to a joint memorandum submitted by the Kharsang Circle Unemployed Youth Association, the Tangsa Youth Association, the All Changlang District Students’ Union and the All Tangsa Students’ Union, the management of GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd on Monday expressed its inability to revoke the termination order it issued to 16 of its contractual employees.
As per reports, the management expressed helplessness, stating that the company would be unable to revoke the termination orders “due to the company’s financial instability.”
The spokesperson for the four organizations, Munpong Khimhun, who is also
the Kharsang Circle Unemployed Youth Association president, said that they were disappointed by the lukewarm response of the management with regard to their four-point memorandum.
“We met with the management today as it was the last day of the ultimatum that we had served, and as a courtesy call. But their response was deeply disappointing,” Khimhun said.
“Since the company has failed to fulfill our demand, we will start our democratic movement from 2 June onwards,” he declared, adding that their democratic movement would be conducted in phases, and the first phase, on 2 June, would involve a peaceful dharna at the GeoEnpro’s premises.
“We are devastated by the management’s decision and we will continue our fight for justice till the end,” he said.
On 9 June, the management of GeoEnpro sacked 16 of its contractual employees, and three regular employees were allegedly coerced into tendering their resignation.