Proper coordination required

India has now taken the third spot in the list of nations worst hit by the coronavirus. The country logged more than 6.9 lakh cases on Sunday evening, overtaking Russia, which had 6.8 lakh, as per America’s Johns Hopkins University (JHU). India is now preceded only by Brazil and the US. Brazil has over 15 lakh cases and the US has more than 28 lakh. This report comes amidst the growing case of Covid-19 in Arunachal. Today, districts like Lower Subansiri and Upper Subansiri also joined the list of districts with Covid-19 cases.
The alarming rise in the number of cases, especially in the Itanagar capital region, has forced the state government to declare a weeklong lockdown from 5 pm of 6 July to 5 am of 13 July. The situation worsened when two health workers working at the state quarantine facility in Lekhi were detected with Covid-19. The health department had come under the scanner for the manner in which two health workers got infected and how they were allowed to mingle with others despite working at the quarantine facility. Hopefully, the weeklong complete lockdown will allow the health department to reassess and work out fresh ideas. The nationwide rise in the number of cases is worrying every Indian. Further, epidemiologists warn that India’s peak could still be weeks or months away, suggesting the country’s already severely overburdened healthcare system will come under further stress. This is a really big cause of concern. The government of India needs to work in coordination with the state governments. As of now there is a lack of coordination, and this is affecting the fight against Covid-19.