Tirap DA directs GREF personnel not to move out of camp

KHONSA, Jul 6: In view of the increase in Covid-19 positive cases among the returnee GREF personnel, and the apprehension that the quarantine centre (QC) located at the 103 RCC GREF camp in Tirathju is not complying with the mandated directions or the SOP of the state government and the MHA due to lack of adequate supervision by the GREF authorities, the QC in Tirathju has been closed with immediate effect.
Visiting the GREF camp on 5 July, Tirap DC Bhanu Prabha directed the GREF officers not to allow any GREF returnee to move out of the area without permission from the district administration, except in cases of emergency.
“The GREF returnees to Tirap district shall report to the paid facility quarantine being supervised by the district administration. Persons already under quarantine at the GREF facility shall continue to do so in strict compliance with the SOP, under the close supervision of the officer in command,” the DC said.
Accompanied by SP Kardak Riba and DMO Dr Koblem Mossang, the DC informed that the DMO will provide basic medicines to the inmates/returnees, so that they do not move out unnecessarily.
The DC also directed the GREF personnel stationed at Tirathju to strictly comply with the SOP issued by the state government and the MHA.
An advisory had been issued on 18 June, by which the staff and officials of the 103 RCC GREF were advised to strictly prohibit any type of movement to and from the GREF area, except for movement of essential commodities, and on urgent medical cases. (DIPRO)