Christian forum apologises for hurting sentiment of indigenous faith

Staff Reporter
SEPPA, Jul 8: The East Kameng Christian Forum (EKCF) has apologised for the unfortunate incident of setting an altar, images and other materials used by followers of the indigenous faith (Donyi-Poloism) on fire, a video of which had surfaced on social media on 5 July.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, the EKCF said that the burning of images and alter was unfortunate.
“The EKCF regrets and expresses deepest and sincerest apologies for hurting the religious sentiment of the Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) East Kameng unit, the Nyishi Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society, the District Nyedar Namlo Committee, and the All East Kameng Abo Tani Nyibu (Priest) Welfare Association,” the EKCF stated apologetically.
The Christian Forum further asserted that such incident would not be allowed to be repeated in the future and they prayed for harmony and peaceful co-existence among the followers of all religions in the district.
Meanwhile, all accused who were involved in the vandalism of the images and alters were arrested and produced before the chief judicial magistrate and later granted bail.