Itafort UPHC shut after one tests Covid-19+ve

ITANAGAR, Jul 10: An employee of the Itafort urban primary health centre (UPHC) tested positive for Covid-19 during an antigen test on Friday.
All services, including OPD, national health programmes and emergency services at the UPHC will be suspended for two days from 11 July to decontaminate the hospital and its premises.
“Contact tracing and sample collection, if it is deemed fit, will be carried out accordingly,” the health department stated in a circular.
Meanwhile, collection of samples for Covid-19 testing at the Donyi Polo Ashok Hotel here has been suspended for two days from 11 July to mend the kiosk and the tent, which have been damaged due to heavy rains in the last few days, according to a circular issued by ICR DMO, Dr Mandip Perme.