APCC urges govt to start relief camps, accuses it of abandoning people

ITANAGAR, Jul 11: The labour cell of the APCC has urged the state government to make functional relief camps with adequate facilities to shelter people affected by landslides and floods.
“Extension of economic support to rebuild the houses of the affected people should be in consideration. In the name of ex gratia, the government should not delay and grant inadequate amount to the families of the deceased,” the labour cell’s chairman, Yangbiu Takik stated in a release.
Saying that this year has been the worst for the state, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and natural calamities causing loss of lives and properties and destruction of crops, the labour cell also claimed that “there are deterioration of health owing to waterborne diseases leading to large social and economic consequences on communities and individuals,” and accused the state government of “abandoning its own people” and being in a mode of denial in the time of crisis.
“The state government should have taken measures of early preparedness, landslide loss reduction and quick response team to such recurrent catastrophes. Since the inception of the BJP government, every single year Arunachal Pradesh has suffered and experienced huge losses in all forms and preparedness for the same remain inadequate,” it said.
Also stating that “there is shortage of supply and maintenance of public utilities such as gas, water, electricity and sewerages,” it said, “Our chief minister and his ministers should get down onto ground to make provisions reachable to the affected people.”
The cell also demanded to know how the state disaster response fund and the CM’s relief fund are being utilized.