Dobu river causing large-scale damage, anti-erosion scheme sought

[Prafulla Kaman]

NARI, Jul 16: Swelling of the Dobu river due to the monsoon rains has resulted in large-scale damage on both its banks.

Erosion by the Dobu river on the left bank near Nari town.

The overflowing water coming down from the Maane-Lipin hill has damaged around five acres of standing crops in Nari and Lumpo villages and eroded a large portion of a plantation site near Nari town on the left bank.
The locals here have sought immediate relief and necessary government help to control the flood and erosion caused by the river.
Engineers said that “concrete cement embankment with boulder wall covering at least 1.5 km length is necessary for effective protection.”
A team of officials of Nari subdivision, accompanied by Nari Welfare Society secretary Baluk Sora, Nari Elite Society president Ibom Bomjen and GBs recently visited the affected portion in Nari Sapori to assess the loss and damage caused by flashflood.
The assessment team, led by WRD AE Marngu Ringu, observed that lack of scientific protection measures on the right bank of the Dobu river is posing a threat to Nari township and adjoining areas.
“The Dobu river has eroded many acres of land on the right bank during the last five years. If not protected, the river will grip Nari township and nearby human habitations in the near future,” local villagers said.
The WRD officials informed that they submitted an embankment scheme to the state government last year to control the Dobu river’s course but no fund for the scheme has been sanctioned so far.