AITF draws GoAP’s attn to shortfalls in Covid-19 mgmt

ITANAGAR, Jul 17: The Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) has drawn the state government’s attention towards what it called “acute shortfalls” in the overall management of the Covid-19 pandemic.
In a representation, AITF vice president Tarh Tabin claimed that positive patients are facing numerous issues in Covid care centres (CCC).
Tabin stated that allegations that CCCs are being grossly ill-managed and lack adequate accommodation, hygienic food, medicines, etc, are cause for concern.
“These allegations are really a cause of concern for the people and the gov- ernment of the state, whereby, our preparedness, administrative acumen and technical soundness in planning process for the last nearly six months on Covid-19 carries a huge question mark,” the AITF stated.
It also expressed concern over reports of frontline workers not being provided with proper PPE kits. The forum termed it “a serious lapse in management which endangers not only the frontline workers but also their family members.”
It demanded that the government ensure that proper PPE kits are supplied to all the frontline workers, and that quarantine centres provide quality food and other requirements. The forum also suggested to the government to have all frontline workers tested.
Claiming that the medicines prescribed for symptomatic patients in CCCs are not in stock, the AITF demanded that the government immediately procure the required medicines.