ICR reports 58 fresh Covid-19 cases

ITANAGAR, Jul 17: The Itanagar capital region registered 58 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, taking the total to 295. The cases were detected in (see box).
The total active cases in the state are 431, with the capital region registering the highest number. Changlang, which has 37 cases, is second in the list.
Meanwhile, two cases were detected in East Siang in quarantine facilities, while one case in Lower Siang was also detected in quarantine facility. Of the four cases in Changlang, two were detected in QF while there are no details about the two other cases. One case was detected in Namsai and the health department did not provide the details as to where the case was detected.
Of the 63 cases reported across the state, three are reported to be symptomatic but there are no details in which districts.
Meanwhile, all those who tested positive have been taken to Covid care centres.
Rapid response teams have been deployed for carrying out tests in several places in the capital region.