Chiputa village declared containment zone after 6 test +ve

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jul 18: Following the detection of six people with Covid-19 in Chiputa village in Doimukh subdivision of Papum Pare district, the district administration has declared the village as a containment zone.
It is still unclear how the six people got infected; however, sources informed that one among them is a policeman posted at the PHQ in Chimpu.
In his order, DC Pige Ligu stated that the persons would be put under home quarantine for 14 days, and that they would not be allowed to move out of their building(s) and apart-ment(s) unless permitted by the medical team from the district medical office in Yupia.
“No unauthorized person shall be allowed to enter or exit from the village without prior approval from the DMO/DSO,” the order read.
“The movement of people for supply of essential items and other emergency services shall be regulated and police and security guard shall be deployed by the superintendent of police, Yupia, in this village to regulate the movement,” it read.
The DC directed the DMO to deploy staff to oversee the medical requirements of the six persons and the other residents of the village. He said essential items required by the six persons would be provided by the Doimukh SDO in coordination with shopkeepers and police and health workers.
The DC also informed that the DMO/DSO will carry out antigen/RT-PCR and TrueNat tests on all six at the earliest, and that sanitization of the village would be carried out when required by the team formed by the DMO/DSO.
The DA has restricted any gathering/assembly in the village. The perimeter of the containment zone is the village area.

Bldgs in ICR contained
In the Itanagar capital region (ICR), the DA has declared seven buildings in Naharlagun and one in Itanagar as containment zones after Covid-19 positive cases were detected in those buildings a few days earlier.
The buildings in Naharlagun are Tanyang Ronya building, Dokum Colony; Dr Tomar Kamki building, Nyigem Colony, near helipad; Tage Nari quarter, E Sector; the prayer centre in Popu, 2 Kilo; Popu Enterprises, A Sector; Suren Mohan Nath House, Press Colony, Papu Nallah; and Techi Murkhi House, Model Village.
In Itanagar, Mihin Tama Building in Mowb-II Panchali has been notified as a containment zone.
No one will be allowed to enter or exit these buildings, apartments or houses for a period of 28 days or unless permitted by the medical team under the ICR DMO/DSO.
These buildings/areas will be barricaded and cordoned off, and the movement of people for supply of essential items and other emergency services will be regulated by the police or security guards deployed by the SP.
The DMO will deploy staff to oversee the immediate medical needs of the inmates, and also for thermal scanning, etc.
Essential items required by the inmates will be provided by the EACs of Naharlagun and Itanagar in coordination with shopkeepers, home delivery firms, the police and health workers.
The DMO/DSO will carry out antigen/RT-PCR/TrueNat tests on all the inmates and advise further quarantine, etc, and other follow-up action to be taken.
Sanitization of the buildings will be carried out by the IMC, as and when required.
No gathering will be allowed in these buildings, apartments, houses or complexes.
At present the perimeter of the containment area will be the building areas, and no buffer zone has been created as the scale is reportedly localized within these buildings, as per contact tracing. However, the perimeter could be expanded, subject to subsequent findings.