Entry to U/Subansiri restricted

DAPORIJO, Jul 18: The Upper Subansiri district administration has restricted entry of people into the district in view of the prevailing Covid-19 situation in the Itanagar capital region (ICR) and other districts of the state and the growing apprehension among the people about its further spread.
DC Kanto Danggen in an order issued on Friday said: “No person will be allowed to enter Upper Subansiri district without obtaining prior permission from the district administration.”
The order said that intending returnees from the ICR and other districts would have to apply for permission from the district administration “at least three days before their proposed date of return.”
“For permission, the returnees may apply in the given link bit.ly/daporeturnees and clarifications if any may be sought on mobile no 97749 69679, 82579 75294 and the permission will be given subject to availability of accommodation at paid quarantine facility,” the order read.
All returnees will have to undergo 14 days’ quarantine in paid quarantine facilities or till they test negative for Covid-19, and the returnees or their guardians will have to manage the bedding, food, drinking water, sanitizer, toiletries, etc, at their own expense.
The administration has, however, allowed entry of vehicles carrying essential commodities and other goods into the district. (DIPRO)