Villagers repair link road

PASIGHAT, Jul 21: Members of the Kayi Gu:min Welfare Society-Tekang (KGWST) on Monday organized a social service at Gobo-Pokdum in East Siang district to repair the link road from Pokdum, on the Pasighat-Ledum-Tene (PLT) road, to NH 52 at Tode-Rani.
During the monsoon season, the PLT road, which is a lifeline for Bosing, Legong and Upper Ramle Banggo, is persistently disrupted by the Poklek river in between Takilalung and Sibut villages, causing erosion and waterlogging.
The KGWST, in collaboration with the elders and youths of Tekang, Yagrung and Sibut villages, pressed machines into service and renovated the damaged road. The team revamped the block point by installing a large hume pipe underground to make plying of vehicles on the road smooth.
Local MLAs Ninong Ering and Kaling Moyong visited the site to boost the morale of the team. To support the initiative, machineries and equipment were provided by MLA Ering, Aan Tangu, Daniel Jamoh, the Pasighat PWD division, and Yang Tamuk.
KGWST vice president Boyem Jerang appealed to commuters to avoid travelling through Poklek to evade any untoward incident, and advised them to use the Pokdum-Gobo link road instead during this monsoon season or till the Poklek route is fully restored.