Third language to be introduced in middle schools to preserve indigenous languages: Taba Tedir

RONO HILLS, Jul 22: A third language will be introduced in middle schools to preserve indigenous languages, said Education Minister Taba Tedir while addressing about 700 participants in the online inaugural session of ‘Cross platform dialogues: a national webinar series across eight disciplines’.
The webinar is being organized by
the Institute of Distance Education (IDE), Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU), in collaboration with eight major departments of RGU.
“Language is the hallmark of every culture; there is a need to preserve it. This is the only way to preserve the ethnicity of this diverse state, which in turn will contribute to the development of the nation,” Tedir said.
Taking note that Arunachal Pradesh is home to a plethora of dialects, he said that, the parents need to ensure that the local dialects must be preserved “by speaking their mother tongues in their homes and among those who speak the same language.”
In the next eight days of the webinar, there will be deliberation by 25 eminent speakers from 15 different universities across 11 states.
RGU Vice Chancellor Prof Saket Kushwaha, who chaired the webinar, instructed all the participants to understand the importance and motive behind this cross-discipline programme.
“The whole world is facing the impact of pandemic and this has resulted in operational problems in all the institutions in the country and worldwide. There is an acute need for all to adapt to the modern techno-savvy world. The pandemic situation has eliminated the borderline between the regular and distance mode. Thus, this multi-faceted approach towards education can do wonders to the field of education and otherwise,” he added.
RGU IDE Director Prof Ashan Riddi gave a brief background note of the webinar and stressed on the inevitable role of dual mode of education system in the university-the regular mode and the distance mode, which he said “has a big role to play, especially in the post pandemic times.”
Core coordinator of the workshop, Moyir Riba conducted the inaugural session.
This was one of the largest gatherings in any webinar organized by the university. In addition to the capacity of 500 on the platform, participants of the webinar also connected through the live stream of the video on YouTube.
In the next seven days there will be daylong sessions on Education, English, History, Hindi, Political Science, Sociology and Tribal Studies.