Covid-19: Porters flee from Tawang army camp, quarantined in East Kameng

[Staff Reporter]

ITANAGAR, Jul 23: Seven youths who were recently recruited as porters in the Indian Army in Tawang fled from the army camp there after hearing about Covid-19 positive cases in Tawang town.

Sources in Seppa informed that the report of the youths fleeing from Tawang has triggered panic among the residents of East Kameng district, fearing that the youths, who have snuck into the district, themselves might be Covid-19 positive.

However, the East Kameng district administration has clarified that the youths are negative for Covid-19.

SP Piyush Fulzele confirmed that all the youths have been apprehended by the district police and sent to the institutional quarantine centre.

“They are not positive. They ran away from the army camp in Tawang out of fear that they might get infected because one suspect was there in the camp. They sneaked into East Kameng using river and jungle routes,” the SP said.

He informed that, as a precautionary measure, the samples of all the youths are being collected for testing.