81 new Covid-19 cases detected on Mon

TRIHMS director calls for discipline

ITANAGAR, Jul 27: Eighty-one new Covid-19 positive cases were detected in the state on Monday, out of which 51 were detected in the Itanagar capital region (ICR) by rapid response teams in paid quarantine facilities (QF).

Nine people were found to be symptomatic, while 72 are asymptomatic.

In the ICR, the highest cases of 20 and 12 were detected in Dokum Colony and adjoining areas in Naharlagun by two separate teams. (For details of the ICR’s locations, please see box.)

Fourteen BRTF personnel also tested positive on Monday. These include 12 in Tawang and one each in Lower Dibang Valley and Upper Siang. All are returnees and were detected in QFs.

Three more staffers of the PHE department in Bordumsa, and another person from the Rankuta Tea Estate, Bordumsa, tested positive in Changlang.

Two Assam Rifles personnel also tested positive, besides three other people, including a staffer of the fisheries department and a retired person, the health department informed.

Four people in Tirap, two in West Siang and one in Lohit tested positive. All are returnees.

Meanwhile, 67 people in the state have made recoveries. These include 47 in the ICR, 10 in Leparada, nine in East Siang and one in Longding.

‘No lockdown necy if people are disciplined’ 

TRIHMS Director Dr Moji Jini on Monday said lockdown would not be necessary if the people are disciplined and cautious enough to follow the safety instructions issued by the health experts to stop Covid-19 from spreading.

“No lockdown is required if we are disciplined and follow every safety instruction given by the experts. Lockdown is just to discipline the people,” Dr Jini said in his brief during the daily virtual media interaction here.

He called upon the citizens to be disciplined and obedient in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

“The pandemic is going to stay forever. It is going to affect our lives, our way of life and our businesses. Following safety measures prescribed by the health experts is the only way out to beat this virus from spreading,” he said.

“If we keep ourselves safe and ensure that others are not infected by following all safety measures like wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and regular handwashing and sanitizing, the virus will eventually die if it doesn’t find another human body to transmit,” Dr Jini said.

He informed that 11 staffers of the TRIHMS, including doctors and nurses, have contracted Covid-19 so far, and some of them were symptomatic.

“However, the medical authority has managed to save them from major disaster,” he said.