Ruksin admin requests other dists to share responsibilities


RUKSIN, Jul 30: The Ruskin subdivision administration in East Siang district has requested the administrators of other districts to share responsibilities by conducting Covid-19-related activities (such as tests) in their respective districts.

Speaking to The Arunachal Times, Ruksin ADC Tajing Jonnom informed that the frontline Covid-19 workers in Ruksin are “facing distress” fighting the situation as they have been “relentlessly working for several months with limited manpower.”

It is reported that 80 medical staffers divided into three batches, along with a few administrative officials and police personnel are “constantly working for days” in containing Covid-19 infection in the area.

The ADC informed that people keep commuting back and forth from various districts in the Siang region and cross the Ruksin check gate, which consequently increases the burden on the frontline workers here.

“Activities related to Covid-19 for truck drivers of essential commodities and oil tankers returning to Siang, Upper Siang, West Siang and Shi-Yomi districts should be conducted in the respective districts to ease our sufferings. Apart from the Covid-19 activities, we are overburdened with monsoon disasters and various law and order problems in the interstate boundary areas with Assam,” the ADC said.

The ADC also appealed to the local people to help the administration in combating the situation.