Villagers benefit from KVK prog

LONGDING, Aug 2: Forty-two farmers of Niausa benefitted from a programme carried out in the village by a team from the Longding KVK, led by its Head Dr A Kirankumar Singh, on Sunday.

Dr Singh distributed masks and sanitizer among the farmers, and highlighted the precautionary measures to be taken in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Later, Dr Singh demonstrated how to operate a millet threshing machine. He also visited the village’s community millet and paddy storage facility, where crops contributed by each and every household are stored.

Wancho Farmers’ Welfare Association president Panhee Wangsu informed that each household contributes 10 percent of their produce for community storage, “which is used on community purpose as and when required.”

Dr Singh received feedback about the threshing machine from the village women who operate it, and gave assurance that the feedback would be “forwarded to the authority concerned from where the machine has been received for further upgradation as required.”

The farmers were provided with inputs for the upcoming cropping season, along with detailed technical guidance, in order to boost the production and productivity of their crops.