Union condemns demand for MAR

ITANAGAR, Aug 9: The All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Students’ Union has condemned the demand for creation of a Mon autonomous region (MAR), saying that the demand made by the Mon community was not in the interest and welfare of the state.

The union said that the demand for MAR would result in disparity among the people and a rise in conflicts among various groups, communities and tribes.

“Overall, autonomy is given to a community and region that is weaker, underdeveloped, with fewer political representations,” it said.

Stating that Tawang and West Kameng do not fall under such category, the union said the autonomy-seeking districts are witnessing rapid development compared to districts like Kurung Kumey, Kra Daadi, Pakke-Kessang, Upper Subansiri, Leparada, Siang, East Kameng, etc.

“Moreover, there are so many circle headquarters which are most backward and deprived, both socially and economically, but they did never think of dividing Arunachal by seeking ADC,” the union said.

“Puroik and Yobins are the two most backward tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Though there is a welfare board for the Puroiks, there is not a single first class or second class officer among the Yobins,” the organization said, and urged the state government to focus on those deprived tribes and districts/circles instead of creating a Mon autonomous region and a Patkai autonomous council.

The union expressed hope that the state government led by Chief Minister Pema Khandu would make a wise decision on the issue and fulfill its demand.

“Otherwise, we will be compelled to launch indefinite hunger strike demanding resignation of the CM,” the union said.