Chairman defends MD, says allegation of workplace harassment unfounded

Tadu Obey death case

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: Reacting to the allegation against the managing director of the Arunachal Pradesh Consumer’s Cooperative Federation Limited (APCCF Ltd), Naharlagun following the death of a deputy manager, APCCF Ltd Chairman Toko Kach has said that “it was an unfortunate demise.”

Defending MD Birik Bole, the chairman said that he (the MD) was not responsible for deputy manager Tadu Obey’s demise.

“Linking her unfortunate demise to workplace harassment is unfounded and baseless. Therefore, the question of suspension or any such disciplinary action doesn’t arise,” the APCCF chairman said.

Kach said that “the board of directors had decided to implement VRS (voluntary retirement scheme) and I had issued the VRS letter under my seal and signature.”

He also clarified that he had accepted their ‘decline letters’ and the issue of VRS was “a closed chapter as on June 23, 2020.”

“Individuals and organisations alleging workplace harassment must come with specific charges and instants or the defamatory statement in media must stop, which otherwise is lowering the image and reputation of APCCF Ltd and its MD,” the chairman said.

“I urge concerned citizens to look into the medical record and history of the deceased before labelling such serious charges”, he said.

Acknowledging that the Naharlagun unit police was conducting initial investigation into the complaint lodged by the deceased’s brother Tadu Tamin, the chairman said that they are cooperating with various agencies.

“I, along with the MD have already been called by the Capital SP, SIT SP and investigation officer of the case. We have been cooperating and have explained our positions and situations and expect law to take its course,” Kach said.

He also stated that he expects media to be factual and unbiased and that the reputation of the APCCF Ltd MD should not be maligned.

He also requested the media to be careful in carrying and printing derogatory and insinuating “adjectives” and urged the media to judiciously deploy “editorial discretion” in their choice of words.

“Otherwise we would be left with no choice but to seek legal recourse,” he said.