CWWS marches against rising crimes against women

DIYUN, Aug 21: The Chakma Women Welfare Society (CWWS) here in Changlang district took out a candlelight procession on Friday in protest against the increasing incidents of crimes against women in the area.

“During the last few months, there have been two cases of rape and one incident in which a Class 12 student was found dead under mysterious circumstances, for which the investigation is still underway by the police,” the CWWS said in a statement.

Addressing the gathering, CWWS president Maya Devi Chakma said, “The rising number of incidents of crime against women is alarming. The procession organized today is a mark of solidarity with women who have been subjected to numerous atrocities and violent attacks. We need to bring awareness about these atrocities and conduct awareness campaigns from village to village. I encourage you all to join hands with us to fight for gender justice and equality.”

CWWS general secretary Amiya Bala Chakma said, “We need to ensure that our girls feel safe and secure, so that they can grow up to be strong, independent women. This can happen only if we change the mindset of the society.”

“The procession is a step towards a world of equality and justice for women who have been suffering silently. The CWWS encourages all to raise their voice against violence of any kind, in hope of building a more secure and safe world for all, irrespective of gender,” it said.

Because of Covid-19, the administration allowed only 20 women to take part in the procession.