DCC demands specialist doctors

[ Pisi Zauing ]

CHANGLANG, Aug 21: The Changlang District Congress Committee (DCC) has demanded immediate posting of specialist doctors at the district hospital here and at the community health centres (CHC) in the district.

In a letter to Health Minister Alo Libang, Changlang DCC president Nyasham Jongsam said that all the four CHCs and seven PHCs in Changlang are functioning without adequate doctors and specialists.

He stated that the district headquarters has around 70 villages with a population of 15,000 plus and, owing to the absence of specialist doctors and better health centres, the villagers are subjected to predicaments of varied magnitudes.

“Even for the slightest needs, the villagers are compelled to throng private hospitals in neighbouring Tinsukia and Dibrugarh districts of Upper Assam, which involves huge financial burden. Most of them are poor and it becomes difficult for villagers to meet the medical expenses in private hospitals of Assam. It often results in loss of lives and money. The people of Changlang district are subjected to enormous sufferings and deprivation of basic healthcare facilities since decades,” he added.

Expressing deep resentment over “non-posting of specialist doctors” at the district hospital and the CHCs, the DCC president urged the minister to promptly instruct the health secretary and the health director to post specialist doctors at the district hospital and all the CHCs and PHCs in the district.