Org demands separate dept for Tani clans

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Aug 24: The Abo Tani Clan Organization (ATCO) on Monday demanded that the state government create a department of Abo-Tani traditional and cultural affairs (DATCA), on the lines of the department of karmik and adhyatmik affairs (DoKAA) and the department of Tirap Changlang and Longding (DoTCL), for the development and preservation of the Abo Tani cultural heritage.

In a press conference at the Arunachal Press Club, ATCO president Tapa Ruji stated that the demand for creation of DATCA was a “long-pending and long-felt demand among the Abotani clans.”

“The Tani clans constitute more than half of the state’s population but there is no provision to preserve our rich Tani culture, heritage, traditions, customs and rituals,” said Ruji.

Earlier, ATCO members submitted a representation to chief minister, seeking clearance of the DATCA proposal in the cabinet. The organization also requested for allocation of fund for creation of DATCA from the cabinet committee for infrastructure.

 Ruji appealed to the legislators of the Tani clans – Nyishi, Galo, Adi, Tagin and Apatani – to discuss the creation of DATCA on the floor of the house in the coming assembly session.

ATCO general secretary Jumi Loya condemned the state government over what he termed “selective demand of autonomous council,” and sought to know why preferential treatment was being given to the Mon and the Patkai regions when there are already dedicated departments like the DoKAA and the DoTCL.

“Autonomous issue is a political agenda since 2004. We appeal to the legislators not to commit such blunder in future which would have larger impact in the society,” said Loya.

He informed that the ATCO sought permission from the district administration for holding a rally in support of creation of DATCA but the administration denied them permission.

The ATCO members added that if their demands are not addressed, they would “go for democratic movement.”