JWCAPTU defends APB&OCWWB chairman

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Aug 24: The Joint Working Committee Arunachal Pradesh Trade Union (JWCAPTU) has thrown its weight behind Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board (APB&OCWWB) Chairman Jalley Sonam, claiming that the allegation levelled against him by the Arunachal Law Students Union (ALSU) was baseless.

In a press conference held here on Monday, JWCAPTU general secretary Kenkar Yomcha said, “The allegation levelled against APB&OCWWB chairman, I condemned with strongest terms. Before levelling any allegation, they should understand the things. Randomly they cannot level against.”

The ALSU has alleged that Sonam misutilized and siphoned off fund amounting to Rs 6 crore in the name of purchasing an office building, without

complying with the government norms and in violation of the CVC guidelines and the RECS Act, 2006.

“We did not have office building earlier. After rigorous persuasions by the trade union, as soon as Jalley Sonam joined the board, the office building was purchased. In fact, we should thank Jalley Sonam,” said Yomcha.

He informed that initially the budget for purchasing the office building was Rs 4 crore, and that an additional Rs 2 crore was sanctioned later and approved by the labour minister himself.

“As a trade union leader, I would like to condemn the allegation levelled against Jalley Sonam by the ALSU. They have targeted Sonam personally by taking name, stating that he is dangerous to the society,” claimed JWCAPTU chairman Changma Tajo, adding that “student organizations should not resort to immature statement.”

“If you have evidence against Jalley Sonam, go to the authority, lodge FIR and come out with evidence to the media. But if it is not, it is wrong to make such allegations. You have to apologize,” Tajo said.

He also appealed to the state government not to appoint as chairman anyone other than a trade union member.

Meanwhile, Yomcha and Tajo could not come up with documents to substantiate their claims either.