Subjects for Assistant Auditor

With reference to the recent advertisement (dated 20/08/2020) for the post of Assistant Auditor, I would like to write to the APPSC with my depressed heart.
It is learnt that Economics and Mathematics graduates are also eligible for the post.
Now, I question the Commission that what is the point of having separate department if there are no separate job creations? How are Accountancy and Auditing subjects related to Economics and Mathematics? I agree on the fact that without using numerical numbers, accounting language cannot be comprehended.
But it doesn’t mean that all subjects wherein numbers are used can be considered as similar subjects.
So, on that ground if they are being allowed, then there is no point of studying Accountancy subject in Commerce and Management with so much of strain. Accountancy and Mathematics are completely two different subjects.
We, therefore, feel deprived having seen the advertisement.
In this direction, I eventually would like to request the Commission to kindly give a thought and consult the subject concerned people before advertising for any posts so that no questions are raised on their decisions and no candidates are deprived of their benefits.
Deprived Candidate