Relaxation for tribal candidates

I would like to draw the attention of concerned authority regarding the need of 50% marks in graduation as compulsory for TGTs in Kendra Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) and ISSE Samagra Shikhsa.
The criterion for the qualification starts from 50% and above in notification under ISSE Samagra Shiksha and Kendra Vidyalaya Sangathan, whereas under the norms and eligibility for admission in BEd colleges for Schedule Tribe (ST) students, the minimum requirement is 45%.
As a Schedule Tribe student, I pursued BEd with below 50% marks but now I am deprived of facing interviews due to such terms and conditions. I’ve already missed two central teachers’ interview and now I am even unable to compete in my own state. My concern is also for all the ST students who score below 50% and get admission in BEd colleges but have been deprived of facing interviews. If I cannot even compete with others for the posts, why should the BEd colleges admit students whose aggregate marks in graduation is below 50%. I know teaching is a very responsible job and requires talented teachers. I’ve no objections regarding any kind of competitive exam and teacher eligibility test (TET), but the competition should be fair. At least give us (below50%) chance to compete.
And who is responsible here- the students who got admission with below 50% marks or the government who let below 50% students get admissions? If the government is right then who’s going to pay us back our precious time and poor people’s money?
And what lies in the future of all the Schedule Tribe students who are still getting admissions below 50% in the BEd colleges and groomed to become teachers in the future?
Teacher aspirant