Online Tagin folktales and proverbs contest held

[Karda Natam]

ITANAGAR, Aug 27: The Bagang Abu Youth Welfare Society (BAYWS) organized the first ever ‘online Tagin folktale and proverbs contest’ in order to promote and preserve the folktales and indigenous traditions.

Tade Dobin secured the first position and Yanga Lungte Nilling stood second in the senior category of the Tagin proverbs contest.

In the junior category of the Tagin folktales contest, Tamin Ginglo and Ade Pute secured the first and the second position, respectively.

Announcing the names of the winners of the contest here on Wednesday, Education Minister Taba Tedir said: “Such programmes will be instrumental in preserving the identity of one’s own culture, and it will make people aware about their folklores and folktales.”

The minister urged the people to actively participate in such events for the preservation of the indigenous cultures and traditions.

He also commended the organizers of the programme, as well as the Nyishi Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society (NIFCS) which had conducted such an event recently.

Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh general secretary Bai Taba called on every community of the state to organize online awareness programmes on their own folklores and folktales.

NIFCS president Pai Dawe, lauding the BAYWS for organizing the programme, emphasized the need for preservation of tradition in the form of folklores and folktales.

Tagin Cultural Society secretary-general Lardik Kare said: “People should not only depend upon apex organizations of the any community for social activities, but they should come forward and exploit their creativity in promoting tradition and culture.”