Apatanis facing political deprivation

The Apatanis residing in Lower Subansiri district are one of the major tribes of the state. They have been deprived of their political rights for long because, despite having a population of over 30,000, they have been served by a single MLA from only one constituency, ie, Ziro-Hapoli.
The Apatani community deserves at least three constituencies.
In the past, when our people were given two constituencies, our own political leaders conspired against it to fulfill their selfish motives of retaining their MLA seat and avoiding division of votes. Our people back then had also conspired to fulfill their selfish motive, which has led to suffering of the present generation.
Despite the mistakes in the past, the mindset of our people has still not changed. They are still driven by selfish personal ambitions instead of thinking of the whole community and about the future generation.
Though our people are more educated and have many officers compared to other communities, we are a total failure in the state politics as we have only a single MLA to represent our people.
Time and again our own apex body and student bodies have failed our people by not asking for our rights and acting as mute spectators instead.
It’s time to introspect within ourselves. For how long will the selfishness of some people decide the future of our Tanw community? Our present is already mired in darkness due to the lack of a separate district against a single MLA. Also, we have to think about the unemployed Tanw youths. Once the DWQ is implemented, unemployed youths will be confined to compete in Lower Subansiri only when there is already scarcity of government jobs with nepotism and backdoor entry at its peak.
Since the president of India gave his permission in February 2020 to carry out the previous delimitation process – which was put on halt due to law and order situation – it’s time for every Tanw member to keep aside their ego and selfishness and come forward with one voice for more constituencies for the Apatani community. They should also pressurize the government and the local MLA to push for it.
Though our great grandparents made a mistake in the past, it’s now time to correct it before it’s too late. It is not about few people but for the future generation of Tanw who will either live in triumph because of the bravery shown by the present elders or will curse them for their ego and selfishness.
A citizen