Gross negligence in eligibility criteria for AAO

In the recent advertisement for the post of assistant audit officer (AAO) by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission, the eligibility criteria was graduate with mathematics as one of the subjects, whereas engineering students are deprived from applying for said post.
I would like to bring to the knowledge of the commission that the engineering branch does have mathematics in its course. Moreover, in the last finance and account officer (FAO) and AAO examinations, engineering students were eligible and some of the candidates even got selected and are working in that field. Why are we being deprived this time? If we were eligible for the same post and the same department in the last examinations, why not this time?
With a large number of unemployed people, especially in engineering groups, and few job opportunities, with so many irregularities and lengthy conduct of exam, the unemployed youths are frustrated and stressed.
We wait years and years for an opportunity for even a single post for competition. Such gross negligence in the recruitment process on the part of the commission has disheartened us. We expect nothing from the commission but a fair chance to sit in any exam where our eligibility criteria are met.
Through the columns of this daily, I would like to request the Arunachal Public Service Commission authorities to allow all engineers in the examination for the post. Otherwise we will have no option but to opt for a democratic movement.
A deprived candidate