Farmers attend demo prog

HAWAI, Aug 29: Farmers from Tafraliang, Swami Camp and Panchliang villages attended a demonstration programme on rearing poultry, organized by the Anjaw KVK here on Saturday.

The Anjaw KVK has established four small-scale poultry units under the farmers’ participatory mode to rear Kalinga brown and Sonali breeds of poultry.

The units are aimed at empowering women farmers and making Anjaw district self-sufficient in poultry production.

The KVK’s animal science expert Dr Santosh Kumar imparted technical knowledge in brooding, feeding, housing, health management and bio-security measures prior to starting a unit.

“Scientific management, use of local resources and prevention of diseases on time reduces the risk associated with poultry enterprise,” Dr Kumar said.

The demonstration units have been established with 650 birds. Concentrate feed, essential medicines, and vaccines were provided to the farmers during the programme.