Webinar on Ayurveda organized

PASIGHAT, Aug 29: Over 150 participants attended a national webinar on ‘Ayurveda management in respiratory disorders’, organized by the North Eastern Institute of Folk Medicine (NEIFM) here in East Siang district on 27 August.

During the webinar, Shillong (Meghalaya)-based North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda & Homeopathy director, Prof PK Goswami elaborated “the correlation of respiratory system with pranavaha srotas, its types, nidan (etiology) in accordance to Ayurveda.”

He highlighted the rich resources of medicinal plants available in the Northeast, and the ways to make the region “a powerhouse of Ayurveda.”

“Evidence-based medicine is the need of the hour, and despite being huge relevance, the research on animals as medicine has been neglected,” Prof Goswami said.

Hassan (Karnataka)-based SDM College of Ayurveda & Hospital’s Prof Lohith BA highlighted the role of panchakarma – the five purificatory therapies in respiratory disorders. He said “kapha plays the prime role in pathogenesis of respiratory diseases along with vata.”

“Classical management of this vitiated kapha along with vata in respiratory diseases involves improving the digestive fire/agni, adopting purification therapies like vamana (vomiting), virechana (purgation), vasti (enema), nasyam (instilling nasal drop) to pacify the aggravated doshas,” he added.

Guwahati (Assam)-based Government Ayurvedic College & Hospital’s Principal, Prof BP Sarma, speaking on Ayurveda’s intervention in chronic respiratory disorders, highlighted the use of various forms of Ayurvedic medicines in many chronic respiratory disorders.

He also spoke on the use of various single herbs available locally, and stressed the need of using them as “home remedies in pure form.” He called for educating the public in using these remedies.

The webinar’s coordinators, Drs Kenjum Bagra and Amal Bawri spoke on the importance of plants and medicinal animals used in respiratory disorders.

NEIFM Director Dr T Borah also spoke.

The webinar was organized to discuss all forms of Ayurveda management of respiratory disorders, especially in view of Covid-19, which affects the respiratory system.