Wildlife officials destroy smuggled logs


PASIGHAT, Aug 29: Around 200 smuggled logs were destroyed by the wildlife staff near Kobu Miriyakhaal in the Assam-Arunachal boundary area on Friday.

The wildlife staff of the Daying Ering sanctuary, led by Jeepghat Beat Officer Orin Perme, intercepted the smuggled timber, which was floating in the Siang river.

The wildlife staff had to destroy the logs as it was not possible to seize them or bring them ashore.

No one has yet been charged with smuggling the timber.

DFO (WL) T Taga said timber smugglers lift drifting logs from the Mebo side upstream and transport it via the river to Dibrugarh (Assam) for sale. He said it is impossible for his staff to seize or lift the timber logs ashore.

Earlier, wildlife officials had destroyed disowned timber in the water bodies within the Daying Ering sanctuary as there was no equipment to lift the timber and bring it ashore, the DFO informed.