Covid-19 awareness prog held

MARIYANG, Aug 31: The Mariyang Covid-19 monitoring committee, led by CO Khodfa Lasa, conducted a Covid-19 awareness programme for the villages in Mariyang subdivision of Upper Siang district on 28 August.

Lasa explained the procedural and medico-legal aspects of the government guidelines and the standard operating procedures (SOP), and apprised the participants of the Disaster Management Act, 2005.

He said the government is taking every step to prevent the spread of Covid-19. “There is no reason to panic and impose customary lockdown in villages. Such customary lockdown without sanction from lawful authority is creating hurdle in the government’s socioeconomic development initiatives and annoying the public at large, besides violating the government’s direction,” he said.

The CO advocated creating a “balance between customary practices in consultation with lawful authority on Covid-19.”

He informed that, in order to tackle Covid-19, each village has been classified as a sector “with a responsible officer as sector in-charge, who will report to the central committee in Mariyang.”

The CO urged the villagers to make it compulsory for all to strictly follow the Covid-19 SOPs.

Among others, MO Dr Babang Rukbo, PHE&WS AE Sengom Taknyo and the GBs of Padu, Mopom, Sibuk, Damro, Bomi, New Millang and Millag villages attended the programme. (DIPRO)