Union appeals for peace

ITANAGAR, Aug 31: The Longding District Students’ Union has appealed to all “likeminded individuals,” organizations and the people of the state to maintain peace and work hand in hand for an equitable and vibrant Arunachal.

In a press release, the union on Monday said, “Ours is a state where different tribes and sub-tribes with varied cultures, traditions and beliefs are thriving together in a cohesive manner since long time, an apt embodiment of ‘unity in diversity’. Such a strong bond and the feeling of brotherhood should not be disrupted by minor personal issues being portrayed as communal.”

The union said people should not let misinformation and propaganda become the mainstay of public discourse.

“The keyboards should not replace all our interactions and determine our behaviour. We, especially the youths, should try to abstain from spewing hatred while putting our views on various social media platforms,” it said.