Irresponsible behaviour during Covid-19

Even as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise in the state, the citizens are starting to behave very irresponsibly. Recently, in Aalo town in West Siang district, 13 people who attended a ‘DJ night’ party tested positive for Covid-19. It is also reported that such kind of unauthorized ‘DJ nights’ had been going on throughout the month without being noticed by the district administration. First of all, it is a big failure on the part of the administration. The organizing of late night parties during the pandemic is against the law. Till date, large-scale gatherings of people are not allowed.
It does not matter whether the organizing committee maintained social distancing norms or not; the very act of hosting parties at this juncture is absolutely wrong. The West Siang district administration should take the full blame for failing to stop such parties from being organized in Aalo town. On its part, the organizing committee too should take the major blame for its irresponsible behaviour which has led to infection of so many people. There is every possibility that the number of Covid-19 cases may go up in Aalo town because of their reckless behaviour. Learning from the Aalo incident, the other districts should ramp up surveillance in their respective districts and stop such unlawful parties. The citizens also need to behave more maturely. Of course, when the Covid-19 situation gets better, they can enjoy parties. But till the situation normalizes they should follow the guidelines of the health department and avoid large gatherings as much as possible.