Covid-19 and health workers

As the state is witnessing growing numbers of Covid-19 positive cases, a worrying number of frontline workers have been found positive.
Eighty-four healthcare workers from private and government-run hospitals of the capital region are reported to have tested positive for Covid-19 within this month alone.
Earlier it was members of the state police and now it’s the healthcare workers who are testing positive.
Following the positive cases amongst the healthcare workers, two major hospitals – RKM Hospital and Heema Hospital – have been shut to break the chain of infection.
With the shutting down of the two major hospitals, including emergency services, there is no way that people with critical illness can seek treatment. It is time for the state’s health department to find ways and means to ensure that patients get the required healthcare.
Covid-19 is here to stay, so a mechanism must be found to ensure treatment of those patients who need healthcare.