BRO workers’ union postpones strike

TAWANG, Sep 22: The Border Roads Organization (BRO) Labourers Union (NE Region) said it is postponing its “democratic movement” against the BRO “till normalization of the Covid-19 situation and border control.”

In a letter to the Tawang district administration, the union said it took the decision after taking into account “the rising cases of Covid-19 in Tawang district, and the border problem/tension between China and India.”

The union said it was hopeful that the GoI/MoD (DGBR) would take appropriate action and fulfill its demands at the earliest possible, “keeping in mind the sentiments of thousands of workers.”

The union is reportedly yet to receive any response from the BRO (42 BRTF/90 RCC) with regard to its demand for releasing of wages of the CPLs for the periods of lockdown at the 90 RCC in Jang, even after submission of a memorandum on 31 July.

It reminded the administration that the 90 RCC in Jang was notified as a cluster containment zone on 27 July due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the labourers were ordered to stay at home, and were allegedly “victimized due to irresponsibility of 90 RCC and its personnel.”

“The labour union, Jang Yuthembu Village Council/Mang & Jang Covid-19 response team have demanded wage payment for the lockdown period, but there is no response from the BRO authorities even after serving one month’s notice,” it said.