Various locations/buildings in ICR identified for Covid-19 containment

ITANAGAR, Sep 25: A number of locations/buildings in the Itanagar capital region (ICR) have been declared as ‘containment against Covid-19’ areas by ICR DC Komkar Dulom through an order issued on Friday, and strict restriction has been imposed on entry and exit to and from the identified locations/buildings.

The DC stated that the step has been necessitated following detection of Covid-19 cases in the identified locations/buildings, “as per report of ICR district medical officer, dated 25 September.”

He said there is every possibility of Covid-19 spreading beyond the identified locations/buildings if it is not contained on time within the locations/buildings.

The locations/buildings, as mentioned in the order, are: D Coy/E Coy various areas Gate-I to Gate-II along with national highway within the boundary of Dolikoto village and DFO Colony, Banderdewa; C Sector near chief secretary’s quarters and upper part of All India Radio Satellite Colony and near Shiva Mandir Colony, Itanagar; Gandhi Market sector near BSNL office and around surrounding areas, Itanagar; C Sector Nangkar building and surrounding area, Itanagar; C Sector areas surrounding Yasso Building and industry office, Itanagar; Backside of government higher secondary school and APPSU office in ESS Sector, Itanagar; and Vivek Vihar, all areas near behind Arunodaya School, Itanagar.