Journalists should be trained

The Arunachal Electronic & Digital Media Association (AEDMA) in its effort to improve the quality of electronic and digital media in the state has started the process of giving membership to its newly affiliated members. This is a welcome initiative and hopefully will help to improve the quality of reporting in the electronic and digital media which are growing quickly in the state. Especially in the last six month, there has been a sudden growth in the number of digital media outlets in the state. All of a sudden, several people have taken a plunge into the digital media platforms in the state.
While it is appreciable that many people are interested to start digital media groups, the utter lack of professionalism among the people running them and the people working for them is a matter of serious concern. In recent months, repeatedly the quality of reporting done by these digital media groups has come under severe scrutiny from the public for lack of professionalism. The people running these media outlets should understand that journalism is a very serious profession and it needs professionally trained people to run media outlets. Just carrying a boom mic and smartphones does not make one a journalist. Arunachal, where 26 major tribes and 100 sub-tribes live, is a highly sensitive state. One wrong reporting can cause massive social discord in the state. Therefore the people who are running these digital media outlets should first of all give proper training to the journalists working under them.