ABK demands impartial inquiry into deaths

ITANAGAR, Oct 2: Expressing heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Desu Pertin Jerang and her twins, the Adi Ba:né Kébang (ABK) has demanded an impartial inquiry into the deaths.

In a press release on Friday, the ABK stated that it has, “after thorough investigation and numerous meetings with the family,” taken serious cognizance of the case and is saddened by the fact that the three lives could have been saved had they been provided immediate medical attention.

“ABK strongly condemns the situation which caused the death of the mother and her two unborn children. ABK demands for impartial verification and stringent action accordingly, so that such incident is not repeated with any mother in future,” it said.

“ABK has also taken cognizance of the fact that due to mandatory test of Covid-19 (as issued by government) late Desu Pertin Jerang and her two unborn children were denied emergency medical treatment, which resulted in the loss of lives, causing unimaginable grief to the families,” the release added.