Panchayat awareness workshops conclude

BOLENG, Oct 2: A series of workshops on ‘pre-panchayat awareness’, which were held over four days in Siang district, concluded on 30 September.

During the workshops, which were conducted at Pangin, Boleng, Kaying, Rumgong and Riga, topics like features and development of the panchayati raj system in Arunachal, the roles and responsibilities of the gram sabha and the gram panchayat, and the role of the PRI with respect to social welfare schemes and sustainable development goals were covered.

The need for accountability and strong local government was also highlighted, and multiple sectors, ranging from education to health, village development and employment schemes were also discussed.

Among others, Boleng EAC Sara E Borang, Payum EAC Makbul Siram and Boleng CO Shania Mize were the trainers of the workshops. (DIPRO)