Book on Abo Tani released

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Oct 3: A collection of folklores about Abo Tani, titled Tales of Abo Tani, authored by pastor Hillang Taya, was released at the Arunachal Press Club here on Saturday.

The book is a collection of short stories on Abo Tani, based on the popular folklores passed down through the generations of the Nyishi community.

Unveiling the book, PHED (WZ) Chief Engineer Toko Jyoti said, “The book shall be a gift to younger generation of state, giving them knowledge about stories of Abo Tani.”

Congratulating the author on the release of the book, Jyoti said that the idea of supporting Taya came with the idea to document the legendary stories of Abo Tani. “Taya has immense knowledge about Nyishi folklores and human relationship with nature,” the CE said.

Taya informed that the book contains 10   short stories about Abo Tani, with a moral message in each of the story.

“Nowadays, many just talk about the stories but do not really try to document. So, to preserve and pass on those stories from generation to generation, I tried to document those oral talks in script,” said Taya.

He informed that 3,000 copies of the book have been printed in the first edition. The copies are available at Potighar bookstore in Naharlagun.