Farmwomen trained in nutritional vegetable gardening

KHUPA, Oct 12: Twenty-five farmwomen participated in an awareness programme organized here by the Anjaw KVK on Monday to promote nutritional vegetable garden technology among the tribal women farmers of the district.

Social sciences specialist S Peter Singh highlighted the roles of SHGs, FPOs and FPCs, and their convergence with different departments and organizations, and horticulture scientist Rebecca Eko made a PowerPoint presentation on ‘Nutrition vegetable garden technology, natural farming and nutritional thali’.

She also elaborated systematic layout, seed rate, spacing, etc, of different vegetables and fruits, and promoted mixed cropping, intercultural operations and crop rotation.

On balanced diet, she informed the farmwomen that the Indian Council of Medical Research recommends consumption of 120 gms of fruits and 280 gms of vegetables per person per day.

The farmwomen were also acquainted with the concept of raising nurseries.

Vegetables seeds were distributed among the participants under the Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana.