Group seeks cancellation of ICR SP’s transfer

ITANAGAR, Oct 13: A group of citizens here in the capital have written to the home minister, seeking immediate reconsideration and cancellation of the transfer and posting of Itanagar Capital Region (ICR) SP Tumme Amo.

In their letter, the group of 62 signatories informed the home minister that “the people of the twin capital region appreciate his (Amo) kind heart, mercifulness, sincerity, honesty and cooperation with the public of Arunachal Pradesh.”

“He is the first such SP of the capital region who folded hands to serve the people of the capital complex during the nationwide lockdown and he can understand the grievances of the people of the twin capital. Recently, he was awarded the best Corona warrior by the government of India,” the group said.

Stating that Amo is well-experienced and highly capable of controlling law and order problems in the ICR, the signatories requested the home minister to look into the matter seriously.

They said they would be “compelled to launch a democratic movement soon” if the government fails to consider their representation.