Absenteeism should not be tolerated

Palin-Chambang MLA Balo Raja recently while attending a meeting of the HoDs of the district appealed to all the officers of the education department to remain at their places of posting. This is really sad that an elected representative had to make an appeal to the teachers to remain at their places of posting. It seems the teachers mostly remain absent, forcing the MLA to make such an appeal. One of the main reasons for the backwardness of Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi districts is the constant absence of government officials posted in these two districts. Most of the time, these officials operate either from Ziro or the capital complex.

Their continue absence hampers the progress of the development works on the ground. The lack of monitoring of government schemes and projects affects the implementation part. Most of the interior districts of Arunachal face the same issue. It’s time that the work culture is changed for good. For this, the local public and elected representative have to be active and vocal. If the officers posted remain absent for long, they should seek strict action. The state government should not show any lenience to such erring officials. It is especially shocking to learn that officials of the education department, in particular teachers, also remain absent from their places of posting. This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated at any cost.