New dawn in the US

Following days of doubt, it’s finally certain that Donald Trump has failed to secure a second term as the president of the United States (US) and has lost to Democrat Joe Biden by a margin of at least 4 million votes in the contest for the popular vote and, crucially, cannot command a majority in the electoral college. Come January, the USA will have a new president, promising a new beginning and new healing after four tumultuous, disgraceful years. The result has been awaited across the world. Trump had become a deeply divisive figure during his presidency.

He divided the country when it most needed to be united. He turned Americans against Americans, and America against the world. He sought personal advantage when vision, competence and altruism were desperately needed. He failed his country. Biden’s adherence to democratic first principles is in sharp contrast to Trump’s manic shenanigans. Trump had vowed beforehand to reject the outcome if it went against him and he did not hesitate. Within hours of the end of voting, he falsely claimed to have won, cried foul, alleged grand larceny and fraud and called for his lawyers. His reckless incitements threatened to turn a tense standoff into a national disaster. The US is the only remaining superpower of the world and its foreign policies have deep impact across the world. The reckless nature of the Trump administration had caused uncertainty across the world. No wonder most of the leaders of the world were quick to congratulate Biden as soon as the result was declared in his favour. Hopefully, Biden will not only unite his country but also act responsibly in matters related to international affairs.