CCDRR training prog begins in RGU

RONO HILLS, Nov 18: The Rajiv Gandhi University’s (RGU) department of education, in collaboration with the National Institute of Disaster Management, New Delhi, started a three-day ‘Online Training Programme on Child Centric Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR)’ on Wednesday.

Highlighting the importance of CCDRR among tender age groups in the inaugural session, RGU Vice-Chancellor Prof Saket Kushwaha said that the “dignity of the child is significant and as equal as the dignity of the man.”

“Managing disaster among children is needed for proper cognitive and non-cognitive abilities. Extreme care of childreb during this pandemic situation is highly essential,” he said.

Institute of Disaster Management Executive Director, Major General Manoj Kumar Bindal said that there is a need to sensitize all the stakeholders about CCDRR.

“Children are dependent on parents and elders. They are also more vulnerable to any kind of disaster. The parents, elders and guardians have to understand the required competencies of the children to deal with things physically, socially, culturally and psychologically. In this moment of disaster, we, the parents or adults have to understand their psychological changes and manage them properly.”