Malinithan opens for visitors

LIKABALI, Nov 23: The famous Malinithan archaeological site in Likabali in Lower Siang district has been opened for visitors from 21 November.

A new grand temple constructed as a replica of the ruined one, display gallery for displaying the monuments found from excavation and landscape lightings are the added attractions.

Engineer Kirpak Dini, who designed and supervised the entire electrification work, told

that the landscape lighting was done, strictly keeping in mind the sanctity of the grand temple and aspects of monumental lighting.

After the construction of the grand new temple, the main challenge was to shift the idol of the main deity, weighting 2.5 metric ton, from old temple to new one. The task was challenging and critical because the idol was needed to be shifted unhurt as in Hindu mythology broken idol cannot be placed in a new temple.

Lower Siang Deputy Commissioner AK Singh assigned the responsibility to Dini, who designed the lifting structure and combined trolley as per the shape and size of the idol and efficiently executed the task and successfully shifted the idol on 17 November without any scratches.